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Hey there!

I’m Carey Petersen, UX Researcher & Scrum Master. Welcome to my lair! I love to share what I’m reading, listening to, or attending. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and join me in exploring the world of user experience!

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Carey is an excellent addition to any team. She is curious, intuitive, an active listener, and she goes out of her way to make other team members feel included. She genuinely has a heart for others and shows it daily in how she treats those around her.

During my time working with Carey, I could always rely on her sharing her knowledge in UX writing and UX research. Carey would serve an active role for new hires and current team members as a knowledge sharer, and would guide them through training in card sorting, usability testing, and user interviews. For example, Carey lead the entire company in a lunch and learn focused on accessibility so we could all gain a better understanding of how our users with audio and visual impairments interact with our digital products. The company loved it and immediately started to standardize some accessibility practices.

Carey is a great UX Researcher with a heart to help others grow. She would be an asset to any UX team looking to grow in UX Research and UX Writing.

Loren Johnson, Director of Product Design @ MyCarrier

Carey and I worked together on several feature builds in the FinTech payments space. Carey is great at organizing the research plan and engaging all the people and putting the resources together to get the results that inform the designs and ultimately lead to more user-friendly application feature.

Zemira Lalic, FinTech Director of Program Management @ Bushel

I highly recommend Carey for any UX design project. She has a unique ability to understand the needs of both users and business stakeholders, and is able to translate those needs into intuitive and effective designs. Carey has a strong portfolio of work and is a pleasure to work with. I have no doubt that she will be an asset to any team.

Trevor Osswald, UX Designer @ Bushel

Carey has an eye for inclusion and accessibility. She is driven to help all people and puts in effort to further one’s understanding. Having worked with Carey, I can recommend she is a valuable member of a design team and cares deeply for people and process.

Andy Muhs, HR Generalist @ Bushel

Carey is a great teammate who brings a fresh perspective to her projects. She’s always an advocate for the user and thoughtful in her research methods.

Madeline Malat, Product Designer @ Bushel

Carey does a great job of bringing the user experience into all of her projects! With deep understanding of what customers are requiring, she is able to help develop strategy and understanding. I’ve also had the privilege of working with Carey on various DE&I efforts, and her deep empathy is a true asset to any organization.

Teri Winkleman, Experience & Learning Partner @ Bushel

Carey is an amazing UX Researcher with great attention to detail and is extremely organized. She has a vast toolbox of knowledge that she pulls from to adjust to many situations depending on what is needed. She is a very empathetic and personable individual, and a natural leader who makes everyone in the room feel welcome and heard. Carey understands the importance of listening to others to better understand their point of view before making a decision. This curiosity, in combination with her knowledge and experience in design thinking and UX makes her a rock star to have on your team.

Carey and I worked together in the past as colleagues, and I highly value her insight and perspective. She is always giving her all, and cares deeply about creating the best experience for her users. A+ talent that any product team would be very lucky to have.

Mia Kozitka, Senior Product Designer @ LifeSpark

Carey, to put it simply, is awesome. Great communication, attention to detail, empathetic, compassionate, and willingness to go the extra mile. Truly a team player.
Everyone could benefit from having a Carey on their team!!

Jacob Johnson, QA Engineer/Support Team Lead @ Bushel

During her time with Indy/Tispr – Carey made a long-lasting impact to our understanding and approach to our customers. She provided much needed perspective into the qualitative insights that drive our product development and her ability to synthesize and communicate those insights were extraordinary. She possesses all the great qualities that make a successful user researcher; she is curious – and will often search for answers to fill in the gaps between customer thought and behavior. She is highly empathic with the crucial ability to put herself into the shoes of the customer. She understands the needs and benefits of open and collaborative communication. She went above and beyond when presenting her findings to the team and stakeholders. I give Carey my highest recommendation and feel that she would make a brilliant addition to any UX team. I hope I have the chance to work with her again in the near future.

Jason Luna, Director of Product & Design @ Indy

I met Carey as a fellow freelancer working for Indy (previously named Tispr). Her research and insights helped lead the company to seize new business opportunities such as social media functionalities. In addition to helping the team with projects, she finds ways to help the team work more efficiently by creating work templates to share UX insights. She’s a joy to talk with and a good listener, all of which help her to conduct user interviews ranging from individual customers to company owners. She has a bright career ahead of her that I look forward to following.

Randy Bapst, Freelance UX Consultant